Capital Projects

Capital construction projects include a range of services from new construction to building renovations that are restricted by certain guidelines and approval processes. Constructive Building Solutions is here to help you meet these requirements on all deliverables throughout the life of your capital construction project.

Capital projects are usually larger in scope and require a lot of capital, both financial and in terms of amount of labor required to complete the project. These types of projects also usually span a longer amount of time and require more planning and resources to complete. Capital projects aren’t restricted to government projects, like public space improvements. These types of projects are common in the corporate and non-profit worlds as well.

Meeting your Approval Requirements

Before a capital project can even begin they often require approval from your board of directors, the city government or other management organizations. We work closely with clients to create the needed documentations and plans in order to get the project approved and in the pipeline.

Funding and Budget Management for your Capital Construction Project

Funding for these types of projects can come from a variety of sources and careful documentation of the budget on these projects is paramount. Certain government funding can only be used for specific projects. These are the types of things we keep in mind when budgeting and reporting on our capital construction projects.

Constructive Building Solutions provides many funding and budget management solutions for your capital project, including:

  • Accounting and
  • budget development
  • financial analysis
  • contract and pay management
  • Reporting throughout the life of the project

During Construction and Delivery of Final Project

We strive to meet all of the needs that complicated capital projects demand. Our projects are delivered on schedule and on budget. From start to finish, the Constructive Building Solutions team is here to help with your capital project. Contact us for a consultation on your next capital project